Welcome and thank you for your interest in Save A Child, Inc. and the Life Center!

Our nonprofit charity is a national and international umbrella organization that is dedicated to providing education, support and promoting family values and presenting God and the Bible to children and their families.

For the past 60 years, Save A Child, Inc. has given children and their families a healthy start by providing the opportunity and means to normal development both materially and spiritually. 

Dr. Tommy Moore has devoted his life to transforming children's lives and teaching them the lesson that will let them grow into successful adults as they fully develop their spiritual life. That is why Dr. Moore has envisioned taking his years of experience in educating young people and developing "The Life Center."

Building The Life Center

Dr. Tommy Moore and the Board of Directors of Save A Child, Inc. are dedicated to fulfilling his vision of developing The Life Center in Broomfield, Colorado as a national model to demonstrate how educating children and focusing on family values should take place. 

To learn more about this exciting project and the other activities of Save A Child, Inc., please feel free to more about who we areThere are always more needs than any single ministry or charitable organization can provide those in need. That is why Save A Child, Inc. is also focusing on the following key areas:

Inner City Children's Outreach

For the past 50 years, Save A Child, Inc. has provided outreach to children and their families in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Tommy Moore has received special recognition for his work with disadvantaged children.

Housing for the Homeless

Save A Child, Inc.  has been providing temporary housing for several homeless families. Each of the home sites was purchased, then cleaned and renovated by volunteers.

The Christian Center

For 20 years, Save A Child, Inc. maintained an outreach ministry in Denver's lower income neighborhoods. For years, the ministry reached out to those living alone, abandoned by their families and are addicted to alcohol or drugs. The primary focus has been on enabling these individuals to once again live productive lives and return to their families.

Christian Schools, Churches and Parks

For 35 years, Save A Child, Inc. sponsored Christian schools in the Denver area and in Cuba, New Mexico for the Navajo Nation. The organization has also funded the creation of churches and parks in other countries around the globe. These churches and church schools have served over hundreds of students whose parents wanted them to have a Christian education and develop appropriate family values.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a message on our "Contact Us" page. We look forward to answering your questions!


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