Building a Legacy of Faith

The Life Center


Save A Child, Inc.

4700 Weld County Road 6

Broomfield, Colorado 80516

Throughout its long history, Save A Child, Inc. has never altered its mission

to strengthen and encourage the traditional family unit and to serve the

educational needs of low-income, abused and neglected children. In a very

real sense, Save A Child, Inc. has been a life-line for boys and girls and

their families. 

For the past 60 years, Dr. Tommy Moore has provided a spiritual and

value-based learning environment in which these youngsters can

succeed without many of the frustrations they feel in a traditional public

school. It is estimated that more than 16,500 children have benefited

from the religious and educational teachings provided by Save A Child,

Inc.. Additionally, it is estimated that more than 70% of students living

in Denver live near or below the poverty line, which has been one of the

primary areas where Save A Child has operated.

Today, more than 62% of students living in the Broomfield area are

Hispanic and of these 10,500 are enrolled in a free or reduced lunch

program. This means their parents’ income is below the poverty line. It

also should be noted that more than 3,500 students within the Broomfield

area have “special educational needs” that are difficult to meet in the

surrounding public schools.

That is why many families turn to the value-based education their children

receive from Save A Child, Inc. Each student is presented with a new level

of optimism for a better life. Dr. Tommy Moore has stated that, “without

help many students can begin a destructive behavior, which can ruin

families, cripple entire neighborhoods and affect the moral, social and

economic fabric of our communities.”

As a charitable, 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, Save A

Child, Inc. concentrates on serving underprivileged children who have fallen

through the cracks of our social and educational system. Research by Nobel

Laureate economist James J. Heckman has found that early investment in

disadvantaged children improves academic achievement, career prospects,

and, ultimately, lifetime income, which bring in more tax dollars. It also

reduces public spending on remedial education, health care, safety-net

programs such as unemployment, social services and the criminal justice


Denver Kids, Inc. recently announced that it costs taxpayers nearly

$300,000 through unemployment, social services and the criminal justice

system for every dropout student from Denver Public Schools. The

nonprofit organization also stated that dropouts will miss out on an average

of $1,000,000 in lost wages over their lifetimes. When you consider that

nearly 2,000 students drop out of Denver Public School, you can begin to

understand the economic impact and disproportionately high use of these

public services. Some of these students may enroll in other school districts,

but the fact remains that children who grow up poor are 50% less likely to

graduate from high school.

When necessary, Save A Child, Inc. provides emergency funds to meet the

crisis needs of children, including medical, food, education and shelter.

Historically, the organization also has provided housing for the homeless,

with emphasis on providing temporary shelter for families with children

and assisting the parents in finding employment.

Save A Child, Inc. also works cooperatively with other charitable and

religious agencies including Compassion International, Focus on the Family,

Gideon’s International, Habitat for Humanity, Prison Fellowship, The

Salvation Army, YMCA, YWCA, Alliance Defense Fund and the Baptist

Church of America. It is Dr. Moore’s belief that working together can

provide a network of services, which when combined, can provide the

necessary spiritual and moral fabric that often is missing in our


Save A Child, Inc. has a strong history of working in community

development, housing and community service. The organization has been

active in providing exemplary housing services to low- and moderate-

income families, as well as faith-based ministry services for those with

addiction and substance abuse issues. Over the years, Dr. Moore has found

that many lower-income children and teenagers are typically withdrawn,

uncomfortable around their peers and are struggling academically.

He believes the construction of "The Life Center" will enable Save A Child,

Inc. to help turn many of these young people’s lives around, enabling them

to graduate from school and become productive citizens. Dr. Moore has

noted that many of his former students have benefited from his teachings

and are excellent role models for others. They are also actively involved in

their families and communities. He believes it is important to “pay it

forward.” Building the new Life Center will provide a dynamic environment

conducive to effective learning that will enable boys and girls to explore

new challenges and opportunities.

When a young person says, “I can do more, much more than I could

before,” it is a clear sign they are developing self-confidence and a love of

learning. They become capable of overcoming obstacles and are no longer

miserable in a classroom setting. They understand what is going on around

them, and find that they are involved in a life-changing experience that will

enable them to accomplish much than they ever thought possible.

                                     A Vision Takes Shape

In 2001, Dr. Moore purchased 146.28 acres just east of I-25 and 3.5 miles

north of E-470 in Broomfield, Colorado. His vision is to build a complex of

buildings, including the Life Center, pastor’s residence, church, a

caretaker’s residence, maintenance garage, water storage tank,

playgrounds, baseball field and a park. He envisions that the entire

property will become a safe environment where children and families can

play, learn and grow together. Since the initial purchase, Dr. Moore has

created a miniature golf course, children’s museum and train, plus

purchased a real fire truck to ride on.

It took more than three years to complete the Master Plan, which involved

creating architectural drawings, site and land use documents, a wildlife

report and analysis of future traffic and utility requirements. The detailed

plans were presented to the City of Broomfield and the Land Use Review


It took three additional years of modifications to the proposed plans before

a “Special Permit” was approved to develop the first 10 acres. Several

supporters of Save A Child, Inc. attended the Broomfield Council meetings

to provide their support for the creation of the Life Center and eventually a

new church on the property. Currently, the pastoral residence resides on

the northwest end of the property.

Due to the lack of an alternative water supply, Dr. Moore arranged tapping

an existing water line owned by the Central Weld County Water District on

the west side of I-25. The water hookup alone cost $180,000. The water

line now runs along the northern edge of the property and was completed

on February 7, 2015.

The next phase of the project is the installation of an onsite waste water

sewer system that will cost $80,000. A large onsite electric power box

already has been installed on the property to provide power for the Life

Center, playgrounds, baseball field and other amenities. 

Save A Child, Inc. has already made a major investment of over $120,000

to provide the necessary infrastructure to the property by bringing in water

pipes and underground electrical lines on the property, plus the completion

of the Master Plan drawings and construction plans for The Life Center.

During the summer of 2016, Dr. Moore plans on erecting a temporary large

white tent that will hold more than 500 people. The tent will be placed on a

large cement slab just west of the pastoral residence. The tent will be used

to attract young families and children from throughout the area to come

enjoy the Bible Land Theme Park, manicured golf course and playgrounds.

The property also includes a Children's Museum with over 1,000 children’s

toys displayed in one of the building on the property. The tent and special

invitations sent out to the community will attract children and their families

living in the area to better understand what is being built for them on the


                                      The Life Center

After considerable reflection and prayer, Dr. Moore decided that the new 

building should be called the ”Life Center.” The building will offer a modern

atmosphere conducive to a whole-life learning experience. The facility will

offer a multi-age, interactive learning environment that is brighter, livelier

and appointed with amenities necessary for the development of young


The Life Center will be a steel building 80 feet wide and 200 feet long, and

will include a multipurpose gymnasium, assembly hall, kindergarten,

library, media room, lunchroom, classrooms, offices, storage rooms, boys

and girls restrooms and piano rooms. The two-story building will

surrounded by trees, shrubs and other ornamental grasses and perennials.

Dr. Tommy Moore believes the Life Center is appropriately named since its

primary purpose is to increase each student’s chances of academic

advancement and life skills enhancement. The Life Center seeks to instill a

sense of competence and interest in learning, combined with a solid base of

academic and religious teachings that is both challenging and useful.

                     Investment in the Future – Our Future

With your financial investment and support, the Life Center will become a 

reality in the very near future. As the construction begins, so too will the

growth and development of the children-given the right teachers, the right

life and social skills, the right religious instruction, all in the right learning

environment. The counselors will get to know each child and determine

what learning style works best for each student. Making this type of

investment will yield strong dividends in the future. Each student will

become a positive force that is conscientious, enthusiastic and driven to


These bright children and their families are determined to make a better

future for their children and for others. That is why we are positive about

them reaching their full potential. By working together, each of us will be

able to celebrate in their success and provide the needed help to those who

are struggling in order to provide each child the opportunity to make their

own mark in society and begin on a road to a productive adult life.

Save A Child, Inc. focuses on helping young people succeed. The Life

 Center will help fulfill that mission by enabling each child and their family

 to develop a strong sense of success and belonging that is a fabric of a

healthy society. By addressing their needs and aspirations early, the Life

Center will establish a genuine partnership with each family to provide the

appropriate guidance and decision-making that is necessary for each child

to succeed. Each family will become a stakeholder in their child’s success.

Dr. Moore is passionate about enabling each child to take advantage of the

opportunities that are provided. If their needs are not met, then these

young people may become part of the educational underclass and get

trapped in a cycle of under-achievement, entitlement, dependency and making poor choices as teenagers and adults. 

Save A Child, Inc. is committed to addressing the values, concerns, social,

cultural, religious and personal choices that are made by young people

today. There is no room for complacency as we instill the importance of

morals, values and learning from childhood to adulthood.

Making a Personal and Family Commitment

You have read where Save A Child, Inc. has come from, where it stands

today, and how it is prepared to meet the critical educational and religious

needs of young people lives into the future. It will require the combined

investment of individuals, families, businesses, foundations and others to

reach out goal of raising $2,504,000 to build the Life Center. The direct

 impact of the Life Center will have on hundreds of young people is vitally

important to our society as a whole. It will also become a model for other

similar structures around the country.

We are asking you to take a moment to reflect on the impact and role you

can have on these young people and their families. If you do, you will find

that supporting this campaign is the right thing to do. If necessary, your

 donation or pledge can be paid over a three year period.

          Sample Payment Schedule Based on a Three Year Period

Pledge Amount Initial Gift (20%) Monthly Payments (36 months) Annual Payment




$ 2,222

$ 26,667

$ 80,000

$ 16,000

$ 1,778

$ 21,333

$ 60,000

$ 12,000

$ 1,333

$ 16,000

$ 50,000

$ 10,000

$ 1,111

$ 13,333

$ 40,000

$ 8,000

$ 889

$ 10,667

$ 20,000

$ 4,000

$ 444

$ 5,333

$ 10,000

$ 2,000

$ 222

$ 2,667

$ 8,000

$ 1,600

$ 178

$ 2,133

$ 6,000

$ 1,200

$ 133

$ 1,600

$ 5,000

$ 1,000

$ 111

$ 1,333

$ 4,000

$ 800

$ 89

$ 1,067

$ 3,000

$ 600

$ 67

$ 800

$ 2,000

$ 400

$ 44

$ 533

Appropriate payment schedules will be mailed upon request noting

payment periods beginning on the date we receive your donation or pledge

form, unless designated otherwise. An initial investment of 20% to 30% of

your total pledge commitment is requested so that the Save A Child, Inc.

can begin the construction of the Life Center as soon as possible to help

control costs.

The question is often asked, “How much should we pledge to the capital

campaign?” No one can tell you, your family or extended family what your

obligation should be since each family’s circumstances are different. We

do, however, ask you to reflect on how much God has given to you and

prayerfully respond with great love and generosity. In this way, everyone

has an opportunity to express their love of God and return to Him a measure of the blessings He has bestowed on them.

           Commemorative, Honor and Memorial Opportunities

Although gifts and pledges are given to reflect personal, family, extended

family or organizational commitments to God, we also recognize this as an

opportunity to remember or honor a loved one, your family, a departed

friend, or give thanks for blessings received. The value assigned to naming

opportunity is relative to the item’s value and location rather than reflecting

the actual cost to purchase, relocate or refurbish the item or area.

There are also several other commemorative areas within the Life Center

that you, your family, extended family or a group could dedicate in honor

or in memory of someone. If an item or area is oversubscribed, priority will

be given to those that have already made their donation or pledge to the

campaign. The permanent acknowledgement will name those being

honored or memorialized. This way, the donors and those they have

honored will always be remembered in the prayers of our community and

 nationally as well.

A “Memorial” and “In Honor” Commitment Form and Capital Campaign

Pledge Form are located at the back of the end of this section of the

website. Please use these forms to assure proper accounting and that your

pledge and dedication area(s) or item(s) are acknowledged as you desire.

Your gift or pledge of support is tax deductible, but please check with your

tax advisor for your specific situation. Your gift or pledge will be

acknowledged by Save A Child, Inc. office in Broomfield, Colorado.

                         NAMING OPPORTUNITES

The Life Center Dedication Areas

Items Quantity Gift Amount Subscripted

The Life Center Building              1            $1,750,000                   

Gymnasium                               1               $600,000

Assembly Hall                        








$125,000 each

Library & Media Center






Offices and Equipment


$100,000 each

Learning Centers


$80,000 each

East Covered Entrance



West Covered Covered Entrance to Gymnasium



Baseball Field



Piano Rooms


$25,000 each

Boys Restrooms



Girls Restrooms



Storage Rooms


$10,000 each

Meeting Room Tables


$1,000 each




Miniature Golf Course



Meeting Room Chairs


$250 each

Paved Parking Spaces


$250 each

Handicap Parking Spaces


$250 each


Landscaping, Trees & Scrubs        28         $125 each                     


                                       Matching Gifts

Your employer may have a Matching Gift Program. Check with your Human

Resources or Personnel Department. If they do, find out what

documentation is necessary. It is a great opportunity to double or triple

your gift to the Life Center.

                                  In-Kind Contributions

Depending on the working relationship with the building contractor and

their subcontractors, there might be opportunities to secure in-kind

contributions that would help reduce the overall cost of the construction

project. These in-kind gifts may include construction materials, labor,

furnishings, fixtures and equipment. We would welcome any offers to help

reduce the overall costs of the project.

                                         Planned Giving

Making a planned gift can be a wonderful way to support the Life Center by

providing key to the next generation to the holy mission of passing on the

gift of faith and celebrating that faith in Jesus Christ our Lord. Congress has

extended the IRA charitable rollover, so if you are 70 ½ or older you can

make distributions from your IRA directly to qualified charities, which includes the Life Center.

If you are interested in learning more about making a bequest, a

retirement/IRA gift, charitable remainder trust or other estate planning

possibilities that can leave a legacy for your loved ones, please contact Dr.

Moore or your financial advisor.

                     Building Description and Cost Analysis

Our plans call for the construction of a new rectangular pre-engineered steel 

building consisting of a gymnasium/sanctuary, cafeteria, kitchen, meeting rooms,

restrooms and offices. The building will have a covered entry, plus a mezzanine 

level with enough room for future teaching space and a balcony above the gym.

The covered entry to the Life Center will be 16 feet long and 12 feet high. The 

ground floor of the Life Center will be 80 feet wide by 200 feet long. The second 

floor will comprise only half the size of the first floor and will be 80 feet wide by 

100 fee long. The second floor can be accessed by two stairs or an elevator at 

the front of the building. There we be a 9 foot balcony above the gym floor.


                    Total Square Footage and Building Costs

The total square footage of the Life Center will be 25,253 sq. ft. and will cost

approximately $2,504,000 to construct. The cost per square foot is $99.16, 

which is realistic for this type of construction.


The roots of faith run deep and strong at Save A Child, Inc. We encourage

your faith-filled and generous support of this important campaign to enable

 construction of the Life Center. Your donation or pledge will serve the holy

 mission of passing on the gift of faith and education to the next


May God bless you and may you continue to bear abundant fruit in the

vineyard of the Lord.

Detailed Description of Building Costs

  1. General Requirements $296,700

  2. Adjust for direct purchase of steel from General Steel $(78,000)

  3. Survey and staking $3,500

  4. Earthwork $58,200

  5. Site utilities $29,700

  6. Asphalt $48,600

  7. Landscaping $10,000

  8. Cast-in-place concrete $44,500

  9. Reinforcement metals $15,360

  10. Concrete flat work $95,000

  11. Misc. concrete items $23,580

  12. Steel erection $614,340

  13. Rough carpentry $3,210

  14. Architectural woodwork $1,110

  15. Damp proofing $1,120

  16. Building insulation $52,215

  17. Exterior wall finish system $148,485

  18. Roofing $9,510

  19. Joint sealants $13,590

  20. Hollow metal doors and frames $21,000

  21. Hardware $ 26,800

  22. Aluminum/glass and glazing $ 89,520

  23. Drywall $ 51,400

  24. Acoustic ceiling $ 8,800

  25. Painting $ 17,060

  26. Miscellaneous specialties $ 20,300

  27. Plumbing $110,500

  28. Hvac $179,000

  29. Fire protection system $67,600

  30. Electrical $292,800

  31. Applications and permits $22,755

  32. Builders risk insurance $9,102

  33. Liability insurance $10,143

  34. County engineering $2,500

  35. Storm water permit $1,000

  36. Landscape and irrigation $500

  37. Overhead $68,500

  38. Profit for General Steel $45,500

  39. Contingency $68,500

Total Estimated Amount: $2,504,000


I/We choose to join with others in making our commitment of

 $_________________ in (please check one or more) ___cash ___ credit

 card ___stock ___securities ___ real estate ___ personal property ___

planned gift payable over the next (please check) ___ 1 year ___ 2 years

 ___ 3 years___ 4 years ___ 5 years ___ Other (please explain)


The donation of stock or property will be valued as of the date of the gift.

I/We understand that the value of the contribution or pledge must be

determined by an independent appraisal, however, I/we believe the net

value will be $_________________.

My first payment of $________________ will be made by _____________, 201___.

Subsequent payments of $_____________ will be made on the following


(Please check one) ___ Monthly ___ Quarterly ___Semi-Annually ___ 

Annually ___ Other (please explain) _____________________________________________________________________________

Your Name (for recognition purposes)


Name of spouse (if donation or pledge is made jointly)

______________________________________________________________________________Names of extended family members (if included in the donation or pledge)


Address (where you wish correspondence to be sent)


Phone Email Address


Signature ______________________ Date _____________________

Anonymous Donations or Pledges

___ I/We wish to keep this gift or pledge anonymous.

___ I/We wish to pay this pledge through an automatic withdrawal

from our checking account on a ___ monthly ___quarterly ___semi-

annually ____annual basis. Please attach a canceled check to this

form. The withdrawals should begin _________.

All donations and pledges are tax deductible to the extent allowable

under IRS guidelines.

Paying by Cash, Check, or Credit Card (Tax Advantages*)

  1. You may claim a federal income tax charitable deduction if you itemize your return.

  2. You can deduct the total amount of your gift, up to 50 percent of your adjusted gross income based on your particular tax situation.

  3. Unused deductions may be carried over for up to five additional years.

Stocks and Bonds (Tax Advantages*)

These gifts may be made by contacting your broker and giving written request

with delivery instructions or wire transfer.

  1. Make sure Dr. Tommy Moore or Pastor William Ingram are aware of your gift, please send a copy of your written request to Save A Child, Inc.

  2. You may claim a federal income tax charitable deduction if you itemize your return based on your particular tax situation.

  3. For appreciated securities held longer than one year, you may deduct the full fair market value.

  4. You can deduct the total amount of your gift, up to 30 percent of your adjusted gross income.

  5. Unused deductions may be carried over for up to five additional years.

  6. You pay no capital gains tax.

  7. Your gift will be valued on the day it is received by Save A Child, Inc.

Real Estate (Tax Advantages*)

  1. Gifts of real estate may be made in various ways: outright, bequest,charitable gift annuity and charitable remainder trust. These gifts must also be approved by Save A Child, Inc.

  2. Donors must secure a qualified appraisal of the property.

  3. Save A Child, Inc. prefers that the property be readily marketable.

IRA Charitable Rollover (Tax Advantages*)

  1. IRA Charitable Rollover was reinstated by Congress for the 2013 tax year.

  2. If you are over 70 ½, you can donate all or a portion of your IRA to Save A Child, Inc.

  3. The tax benefits of the IRA Charitable Rollover are available to taxpayers regardless of whether they itemize their returns.

  4. There are specific requirements in using the rollover that must be followed to prevent penalty, so if you want to this type of gift begin the process today!


Planned Gift (tax advantages*)

These gifts represent a special type of support that can benefit you

 and your family.

It can provide estate tax advantages, and may also offer income

 during your lifetime. If you wish to make a donation of a life

 insurance policy, personal property or other type of planned gift,

 please contact Dr. Moore or your personal tax advisor. Save A

 Child, Inc. has professional advisers that can answer questions and

 assist in finalizing planned gifts that would also benefit your loved


Please return this form or information to Save A Child, Inc. office.



A tribute gift or memorial donation is a meaningful way to honor someone

 who has been important in your life. It is also a lasting way to remember a

 loved one. Your gift can also reflect the desire to make a lasting

 acknowledgment of a milestone or significant event. Item(s) or area(s)


First Choice: ___________________________________________________________

Second Choice: ___________________________________________________________

Third Choice: ____________________________________________________________

Donated By: ____________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip Code: __________________________________________________________

Telephone Number: ______________________ Email: ________________

Check One: ______ In Honor of ___________________________________

______ In Memory of __________________________________

______ Other _______________________________________

Send Notification of Gift to: ______________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________

Telephone number: _____________________ 

Email Address: ________________________

The inscribed wording should read as follows: _______________________


Total Gift Amount: $ __________ Amount Enclosed: ________ Balance Due: $__________

I /We will fulfill this pledge by making a $____________ donation or pledge (check one)

___ Monthly ___ Quarterly ___ Semi-Annually ___ Annually over the next

___one ___two ___three ___four or ___ five years

___ I/We wish to pay our pledge through an automatic withdrawal from our checking account. Please attach a canceled check to this form. The withdrawals should begin ________________. 

Signature _____________________________ Date: ___________

Make checks payable to Save A Child, Inc. and send them to:

4700 Weld County Road 6, Broomfield, Colorado 80516.



Dr. Tommy D. Moore, President

Pastor William Ingram, Treasurer

Darrel Moore, Vice President

Kate Ingram, Secretary

Cathy Moore

Tom Youree

Claude Petitt




With Love, Guidance and Support

The Life Center

Will Grow and Deepen

The Roots in Faith

In The Next Generation  

 Save-A-Child, Inc. • 3241 West 44th Avenue • Denver, CO 80211
 303-455-6120 •
A 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.