Save A Child, Inc. is a non-profit organization that believes in traditional marriage, family values, the sanctity of life and faith-based practices taught by Jesus Christ. We have been helping low-income children and their families, plus the helpless for over 60 years in Colorado, New Mexico and around the world.
Here is a summary of what we have done and some of our current projects.

Since 1956, Save A Child, Inc. has a history of working in community development, housing and the education of young people. Our nonprofit organization has been active in providing children and their parents with a faith-based ministry services. Our focus has been on providing housing and education to low to moderate income families, as well as faith-based ministry services for those challenged with addiction and substance abuse issues. Leading this effort is Dr. Tommy Moore, who has been the President of Save A Child, Inc. for all these years.

                COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT HISTORY:  1956 to Present 

1. 1956 -  Inner City Development Project: Our organization has been providing housing for low income and troubled families in the Denver area and around the world.

2. 1985-2000 - Inner City Re-Development Project based in Denver, Colorado.
Purchased boarded up homes in the Five Points area that were slated to be condemned by the City of Denver. 24 to 30 of these units were developed with the collaboration of the City Council to revitalize these high crime areas of the city.
These homes were utilized as rentals for low to moderate income families.

3. 1972-1995 - Shelter & Center for Addiction/Rehab located at 228 Larimer Street in Denver, Colorado. Provide housing to low income citizens, and counseling services for individuals with substance abuse and addiction problems.

4. 1984 - A north Denver Mansion was purchased and rehabbed by Save A Child, Inc. to provide housing for individuals who had successfully completed addiction services program at the Shelter on Larimer Street in Denver, Colorado.

5. 1980's - Thrift Store located in north Denver, Colorado. Provided job opportunities thru clothing and home items donations to the Center which Save A Child Inc. began for low to moderate income families.  The thrift store functioned as a resource job center and providing jobs to individuals who had been enrolled thru the Shelter & Addiction Center.  Salvation Army partnered with Save A Child, Inc. for donations of families in need.

6. 1988 to 1990 -  Inner City Youth Development Program located in  Denver, Colorado.  An “Outreach Program”with approximately 1,000 students served through the program, which provided faith-based ministry services in conjunction with the Messiah Baptist Church that provided education and support of young people in low to moderate income families.

7. 2005 - Rural Estates Development Project, Adams County, Colorado. 
Developed a subdivision for families which consisted of 2 ½ acre lots with homes in The Ridge at Riverdale in Denver. This project consisted of land development and the construction of custom homes. Lots were developed and sold in the $120,000 to $130,000. The proceeds from this project were utilized to further benefit the low to moderate income housing outreach programs.

8.   2000 to Present - Low Income Rental Housing Program along the Front Range of Denver. Purchased and rehabbed homes to provide homes that are habitable and affordable as rentals by low income families.  Transitional and emergency housing was provided free of charge, as well as discounted rates for rental homes.

9. 2011 to Present - Save A Child Plaza Ministry located in Brighton, Colorado. 
A distressed strip mall center was purchased and rehabbed to provide faith-based ministry and substance abuse meetings. The facility also provided housing and education for low income children and their families. 

10. 2011 to Present - Save A Child, Inc. has been actively planning the construction of "The Life Center." The Center will provide a model program to help teach young people and their families the important values and faith-based understanding of the teachings of Jesus Christ.


New Mexico, 2002 to presentStar Lake Mission Center - Gallup, New Mexico and Cuba, New Mexico

Developed a 150 acre Mission Camp Site which is surrounded by the Navajo Indian Reservation. Memorial and burial grounds are provided free of charge for members of the Navajo Indian tribe. Current projects include bridge repair and road development, Camp Building Rehab, Dormitory and Housing Construction and the construction of a Welcome Center and Activities Center. 

These facilities are needed to provide literacy and housing services to the Navajo Indian tribe. Many of these residents are unable to read or write English nor their Native Tongue. They are in need of job-readiness skills. The Mission Camp and Retreat Center is also used by residents of other states. 

It is projected that $2,500,000 will be needed to complete this Mission Camp and Retreat Center. if you are interested in support this project, please feel free to contact us directly.

2009 - Faith-based Ministry Facility built by Save A Child, Inc. in India. 

2009 - Save A Child, Inc. donated thousands of dollars to provide support of poor children and their families in Asia. 

2011 - Faith-based Ministry Facility built by Save A Child, Inc. in Uruguay. 


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