History of the Temple

Rebuilding King Solomon's Temple

God's Wonderdful World is being designed as an "edu-tainment center," meant to be educational as well as entertaining. The centerpiece is to be a full size replica of Solomon's Temple, to be fully staffed and fully functional as a place of worship. Just as important, the historical aspect will be displayed in a unique way. As you enter the centerpiece, you will be walking into the world of Solomon's time as it really was, replicated in every detail.

Although the Temple is described in the Bible, no one can agree on it's actual appearance. It's everyone's best guess, as you can learn by clicking on the "Temple History" button at your left.
When it came to building a model, Pastor Jesse Ellis and his wife Betty, along with Dan and Diane Telford, took on the challenge of giving us a generic representation.
We still don't know what the full sized replica will actually look like, but the resulting model is impressive, and we'd like to give you a sneak preview of our idea, using the model in these enhanced pictures.
Click on the pictures to see the larger versions.

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